Mentor: New Non-commission Officer

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As a young soldier Private (PVT), Private 2 (PV2) and Private First Class (PFC) just are getting into the Army. He or she will be looking for guidance and mentorship from the older soldier in their unit. Hoping you fine the wright soldier to help guide them to the correct way of doing things right. You are looking for that one that knows what he or she is doing. You start by looking up the ranks on which you think will mentor you and give you correct advice. You should look at who is your Team Leader. He or she will be the one that will be around you most of the time. You need ask a lot of question. Find out if this is the person, you want to follow. Usually this one will be a Specialist (SPC) or Corporal (CPL). At this time, they have been in the Army for about two or three years. Most of the time, they know what is going on and what needs to be finished on a daily basis.

SPC should set the right example for the junior soldiers. They will be the ones that the be followed by the junior soldiers. CPL should be one of the junior mentors. Usually

As a new Non-commission Officer (NCO), always look you as a mentor. Making sure ever thing you are doing is correct at all times. You need to make sure you are doing the right thing all the time so the younger soldier will know what is right.
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