Using Sei Strategies in a Siop Lesson Plan

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  • Published: March 31, 2013
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Using SEI Strategies in a SIOP Lesson Plan
Mandy Wynne
Grand Canyon University: ESL-434 Advanced Principles of SEI Instruction and Assessment Sep 24, 2012 (O101) October 21, 2012

Using SEI Strategies in a SIOP Lesson Plan
This lesson should be taught in a sixth grade class. The students do not have to be English Language Learners, (ELL) in order to benefit from this lesson and meet state standards. It is an interactive way to learn about different geographic regions of students in the class.

The lesson should first be introduced to the class through the vocabulary. This gives the students the back ground on the words used to describe what the lesson is about, and allows them to use the words in context with what they are doing. These words should not just be stated and defined. The students should be discussing them with the teacher. The teacher should be asking them questions about the vocabulary like, “does anyone know what climate means?” Students also should be given the opportunity to interact with one another and listen to what is being said out-loud verbally. The vocabulary should be put into their vocabulary journals and should be reviewed when the lesson is over. The vocabulary words should be displayed for the students. The reason to display the vocabulary words is that this helps the students to remember the words as they develop greater proficiency in language.

The vocabulary journal should not just be words and definitions. It should have the words and the definitions along with a pictorial drawing of the word. Students may not be able to write clearly in English what the definition of the word actually is, and they may not remember all of the English words for the definition. It is important to have them represent the word in a picture to help them remember what the definition is by looking at the picture. By having the student create the brochure about where they are from you are opening the door to a variety of different types...
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