Social Studies Content

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Social Studies Content
EED 465

Carmen I. Ortiz
EDD 465
Grand Canyon University
February 15, 2013

Social Studies Content Chart
Social Studies Learning|
| Pros| Cons|
Integrated| * The integrated learning increased cognitive engagement and make language and concepts more meaningful to interpreter new information in relation to what they already know. * With reading, writing, speaking, math and social studies lesson incorporated the common core standards.| * The integrated learning for ESL students may struggle with unfamiliar vocabulary and grammatical structures in addition to complex new concepts.| Textbook | * Provided explicit instruction for teachers in every unit to work with the students. * Provided all the plans teachers need to teach a lesson to cover with the specific topic. | * Textbook can be difficult for students to read. * Textbook become outdated and some information can be on relevant. * | Commercially purchased | * Provided instruction to the teachers, focus questions, lesson and instructional materials that are needed for lesson. * Provided questioning prompts for teachers, and bloom’s Taxonomy.| * Can be very expense for the district to purchase. * Do not provide any visual activities for teachers.| Teacher -prepared| * Teachers must provide students the content of the social studies and what is appropriated level that is intended to teach. * Teacher must make it challenging for any grade level that is been taught. * Teacher must have understanding when a lesson is taught must meet standards make sure students are learning the concept and the objectives.| * Teacher needs to make materials to go with the lesson. * Students do not have a textbook | | |

Social studies content and the learning is about the whole world and also about the specific content and skills connect with historical fact and assessing controversial issues that students learn how to work with...
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