Aed 200 Classroom Mgmt Paper

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Assignment: Classroom Management Paper

June 6, 2010

Aaronita J Morgan


Instructor: Junett Johnston

The principles of behaviorism can be useful in facilitating learning within the classroom. Behaviorism

offers a particular perspective on how learning occurs and how teaching impacts that process. B.F. Skinner

argued that, “A behavior is more likely to reoccur if it has been reinforced or rewarded. Thus reinforcement

can be used to strengthen existing behaviors, as well as learn new ones. Principles of behaviorism can be

used for classroom management.” (The Office for Teaching and Learning Newsletter December 2002,

Volume 7, No. 2). Behaviorist theory of education has proven to be the most effective style of teaching

compared to the constructivist theory of education. In the constructivist theory of education 30 different

students may arrive at 30 different understandings all of which are not equally appropriate (MacKinnon &

Scarff-Seatter, 1997).

Classroom Organization

The physical environment of a classroom is extremely important to effective teaching and learning. A

teacher must be sensitive to the messages communicated to students by the classroom environment. He or

she must be able to evaluate the effectiveness of the classroom setting. It is important that a teacher be alert

to times when physical arrangement may be causing learning problems; and most importantly, a good

teacher is always willing to change the environment when necessary. Effective principals and guidelines

are a must in setting up a successful classroom. The physical environment of the classroom should always

support assignments that are to be carried out there. The seating arrangement should allow students a clear

view of presentations. Teaching space should allow you to establish individual contact with all students.

In a constructivist’s classroom there is much less control of the teacher in this setting, the students are

usually up and all over the room. The noise level might be disruptive or disturbing for individuals who

require a quiet setting for comprehension and learning. Another problem in a constructivist environment

would be lack of organization; a teacher can not properly evaluate the effectiveness of the assignment in

this type setting.


Behavioral experts believe that motivation is essential part of behaviorism teaching style in

education. Motivation induces pleasant feelings and when a student experiences pleasant feelings, he is

likely to make connection between a specific stimulus and the response that is appropriate to that stimulus.

For instance, a student who is praised and receives good grades for correct answers is more likely to learn

those answers than a student who is not praised and receives bad grades for the same correct answers

(Behaviorism Teaching Style In Education ). An essential part of motivation would include developing an

atmosphere where a teacher encourages students to do their best and to be excited about what they are

learning. Value and effort are two factors that are critical in creating a motivational atmosphere. In order

for students to be motivated they must see the worth of their work that they are doing and the work done by

others. A teacher's demonstration of value shows students how their work is connected to things that are

important for them, including other interests. One way that teachers increase motivation is by telling

students specifically what it is that they are doing that is worthwhile. In combination an understanding of

the value of academic tasks and the effort necessary to complete these tasks motivate students to learn. A

constructivist teacher can not do this effectively; it will be hard to determine who has done the work that needs to be praised. There is a lack of individualism in this environment.


When inappropriate...
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