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Topics: Customer service, Cloud computing, Small business Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: February 18, 2013
1. How does use cloud computing? use Cloud Computing as “platform” that enable many companies deliver applications. There are three types of clouds of which is: the Sales Cloud, the Service Cloud, and the Custom Cloud. The Sales Cloud and the Sales Cloud are for improving sales and customer service. What is special is Custom Cloud that customer can create their own APP. These clouds allow their customers to specify their applications or build new applications and allow their customers run them on Salesforce’s data center infrastructures. Moreover, also opens the “platform” to independent software developers and adds their program on its AppExchange. 2. What are some of the challenges facing Salesforce as it continues its growth? How well will it be able to meet those challenges? To continue its growth, competition is the first and foremost challenge for Sales force. One type of the competitors is traditional industry leaders such as Microsoft, SAP, and Oracle; the other type of competitor is new entrants that want to copy their success. The second challenge is that Salesforce could show their reliable and secure enough to remotely control their corporate data and applications. Thirdly, to expand their business model into other areas is also a challenge. It seems hard for Salesforce to compete with those huge companies; for example, the market share of SAP is near four times large than Sales force. But to show their reliable is not that difficult, so far, Salesforce has only experience one security breach. Moreover, although it has experienced some service outages, most of their customers feel satisfactory of their response. Regarding to expand their business to other areas; Salesforce has cooperate with Google and Apple. If this cooperation goes well, it may galvanize future growth. 3. What kinds of business could benefit from switching to Salesforce and why? Small business could benefit more...
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