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In the past a few years, the rapid advances in technology had brought us more challenges in adopting emerging technologies and pedagogies in our teaching and learning environment. As our school is committed to developing, implementing, and maintaining quality education programs, it becomes imperative to utilize updated technology to address the changing demand of students. However, the cost and time to develop the information, software, and resources is too high for us. Facing the high cost of providing computing infrastructure and software by traditional independent software vendors, I have examined the possibility of deploying a private cloud computing system in our school to help cut down our technology expense, and the implementation is feasible. Nowadays, all types of organizations are trending toward cloud computing. It reflects the ability of having access to information, software, and computing resource infrastructure without necessarily having to own them. By deploying cloud computing, it will allow students to personalize their environments in which they learn, help cut down our expense on IT management cost, and provide greater flexibility in maintaining security, reliability and compliance. Overall, the cloud computing can be a strong tool in enhancing our teaching and learning. Please allow me to discuss different aspects of cloud computing: * What is private cloud computing

* How to implement private cloud computing system
* What are advantages of private cloud computing
What is private cloud computing
Definition of cloud computing
The term “cloud” implies an idea that users are able to access applications from any location in the world. Cloud computing is defined as a collection of disembodied services accessible from anywhere using any mobile device that has access to the Internet (Mondal 2009). In other words, cloud computing is an application service that is like e-mail and uses ubiquitous resources that can be shared by many students at the same time. To be more specific, in contrast to traditional computing that access data and run through software locally, cloud computing store data in a data center rather than in the client’s computer. Also, instead of installing a suite of software for each computer, cloud computing allows users to load only one web-based application that hosts all the programs the user would need for work (see figure below).

Figure: How does cloud computing work

Examples of cloud computing
For example, someone accesses email through a web-based email service (such as Google’s Gmail) does not need to run an email program or store messages locally. Instead, both the application and the underlying data are hosted in Google’s data center. A similar distinction can be drawn between an end user running a traditional word processing application, such as Microsoft Word, and another end user using a cloud based application, such as Google Docs (Thomas 2011).

Concept of private cloud computing
In terms of private cloud computing, it refers as internal cloud, which is developed and provided only for a single organization. By having a private cloud, an organization will have a full control over data and security. Besides, a private cloud will provide students and staff with a flexible and agile private infrastructure to run service workloads within the administrative domain (Wang 2011).
How to implement private cloud computing system
Cloud service provider needed
In order to run a private cloud computing system, we need to have a cloud service provider to support the network facilities. Independent software vendors supply the computer and operating system resources that can be accessed via the Internet (Katzan 2010). There are a number of software vendors that provide customized cloud service. Once the operating system of cloud computing is set up, students and faculties will share the software together and...
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