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Topics: Customer service, Customer, Personal computer Pages: 3 (869 words) Published: February 24, 2011
Case Study Questions:
1) What are the input, processing, and outputs of a package tracking system?

The inputs of a package tracking system include package information, customer signature, pickup, delivery, time-card data, current location and billing and customer clearance documentation. The processing is the customer service representatives with the desktop computers that linked to the central computers. Data are also reorganized so that they can be tracked by customer account, date, driver and other criteria. The outputs of a package tracking system include pickup and delivery times, location and package recipient. It can also include various report suck as a summary reports for the management.

2) What technologies are used by UPS? How are these technologies related to UPS’s Business Strategy?

UPS has spent billions of dollars into many technology and systems to improve customer service while maintaining the cost of operation low and streamlining its overall operations. These technologies includes handheld computers (DIADs), scanning system, wireless network, large mainframe computers, the internet, and many other different pieces of software such as for tracking packages, calculating the fees of the package, maintaining the customer accounts and managing logistics. These technologies in long run will bring the company higher revenue.

3) What problems do UPS’s information systems solve. What would happen if these systems were not available?

One of the problems that the information systems solve is to keep the level of services high yet bring the cost and prices down to compete with other competitors. If these systems were not available then UPS will not be able to compete with others and it will not become the largest package deliver company as what it is today.

4) What added services did UPS provide to the companies shown in the film: eg: Boeing, Mercedes Benz, Fanny May, and Gateway? UPS invests on other companies as well by...
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