University of California Personal Statement Prompt 1

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I always have distorted the tone whenever I’m asked from where I come from, knowing that the casual sound would not raise any curiosity or would not lead to another question of why I am here. Mexico is the answer; a beautiful country where I was born, where I was raised, and where my parents struggled to give me a life where I would not lack of anything, yet, I lost them as they tried to fight for this. A country filled with corruption, where there is more fear for an authority than a civilian, where there is a question whether you can do something for them in exchange. My parents had a different vision of what they wanted in life, their vision has shown me that you have to defend your principles regardless of how they are seen. I have lost contact with them due to the circumstances that they are in, I wish I could tell them how I really feel, how I am writing a college application to the best universities in California, how through experience I have learned to appreciate the actual community where I am present. In 2009, a tedious legal process of guardianship had the some regulations met that qualified me to go live with my legal mother; my surroundings were against my placement and decision of leaving, but under my circumstances and my perspective, I had to. I was told that I was leaving everything I knew behind and that the place and way where I was going to reside was insidious. The answer that I gave contained words of my principles that I defended which stated that I was not leaving everything behind but actually going forward with my future and vision of my life. I left with an idea, and now, that idea is a task that I will achieve, this task for me is meaningful and ulterior. I want to be a citizen that functions as a contributor to its society, I desire for a family that I never had, a stability where my future children would take me to their school for their show and tell, and they will think that their dad is an invincible person and their mom is...
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