Babies Having Babies

Topics: Mother, Family, Pregnancy Pages: 3 (1246 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Arian Geary
English 1117-16
Personal Essay
Babies Having Babies
My life as a teenager would soon be coming to an end and my life as mommy would be coming up faster then expected. It all started June 10th 2012, my family and I had just finished eating our dinner celebrating my achievement of getting my GED. I had received cards, gifts, and even some money from my family members for finally receiving this GED after being out of school for my senior year. Everybody was so happy for me even my dad, which was not a very common emotion for him to express towards me. Unfortunately their happiness would soon be long gone. For it was the night before this that I had five different tests all of which said the same thing in different ways, I was pregnant. I was not ready for this kind of responsibility. I was not ready physically, emotionally, and financially to take care of even myself yet now I had to find a way to provide all of those things for a child. I was only seventeen, turning eighteen in July; I was still a child myself. To many people I would be viewed as a delinquent because of getting pregnant. On the other hand, others might have seen this coming since my mom also had me at a young age. Many also believe all teens who get pregnant will fail. Although these beliefs and views from others were in my head at the time, I knew I needed to tell my family I was pregnant, find out how far along I was, and make a life changing decision.

When I decided to tell my mom and stepdad I was terrified. I was so scared they would shun me and tell me they didn’t want me to live with them and they wouldn’t be supportive. I was also afraid my mother would be disappointed in me for following in her footsteps. To my surprise, their reaction was actually the opposite of that. They didn’t judge me at all. In fact they both hugged me and reassured me that everything would be okay and we would all get through this together, like family should....
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