Unit 9 Impact of Diet on Health

Topics: Nutrition, Food, Food safety Pages: 21 (5144 words) Published: November 9, 2012
Diet variations at different lifestages

(P1, M1 & D1)

All human beings require certain essential nutrients in order to survive. The concept of a healthy, balanced diet is to eat a wide variety of foods because all foods contain different nutrients therefore the wider the variety eaten, the more nutrients provided.

A balanced diet consists of seven main groups of food which are described below.

Components of a healthy diet:


|Nutrient |Where found |Purpose | |proteins |Meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, nuts, cereals, |Proteins promote growth and they are also essential for the | | |tofu and beans |replacement and renewal of body cells. They are essential for | | | |everyone and must be eaten everyday | |Carbohydrates |Sugar, potatoes, bread, rice, flour, cereals, |Carbohydrates, also known as starches, are used by the body to | | |pasta, some root vegetables such as yams and |provide energy and heat. They are essential to provide and | | |sweet potatoes |energy source, but if they are eaten to excess they will be | | | |stored as fat | |Fats |Butter, margarine, cooking oil, dripping, meat |Fats are a very concentrated source of heat and energy, but if | | |fat, cream, soured cream, milk, cheese, egg yolks|they are eaten to excess they will be stored by the body in the| | | |adipose layer just beneath the skin. Fish and seed oils such | | | |as linseed or olive oil, can help to protect against heart | | | |disease | |Vitamin A |Liver, fish oils, milk, butter, eggs and cheese |Protects from infection and contributes to growth. Lack of | | |and can be made by the body from carotene which |vitamin A can cause eye problems | | |is found in carrots, tomatoes and green | | | |vegetables | | |Vitamin B |Cereals, liver, yeast and nuts |This is a large group of complex vitamins, all of which are | | | |essential for maintaining good skin. Lack of vitamin B may be | | | |responsible for some diseases of the nervous system | |Vitamin C |Citrus fruits, strawberries, potatoes and some |Must be taken each day as it cannot be stored. Lack of vitamin| | |green vegetables |C can cause scurvy, a disease that causes bleeding in the gums | | | |and is very serious. People who have a lack of vitamin C are | | | |more prone to coughs and colds | |Vitamin D |Eggs and fish oils and made...
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