Unit 1

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  • Published : December 14, 2012
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In this task I am going to describe my own progress against the action plan over the duration of the programme. I had to make an action plan when I first started my health and social care course to help me keep up to date with my work. To achieve my goal on time I decided to make the action plan which will help me keep me on track. First of all I organised my table as below:

DateShort term Goals/TargetsSmart Target to achieve goalsWho will support you?Review dateComment

I am going to look at my action plan which I made before and analyse my progress as I go through my review/comment. I set my self 5 short term goal, 4 medium goals and 4 medium goals. My first short term goal was to keep up with my assignment, which I was able to complete before the deadline with help of my friends and teacher. The second short term goal was to participate more in class, I set my self this target because when I started my course I was very shy person and I used to get very nervous when I was around new people. I was able to overcome the difficulties of participating in class with the help my teacher; they asked me questions while having a lesson it made me more confident to speak among my classmate. My 5th short target was to meet the deadlines of coursework. I was able to do my coursework on time because I started to concentrate on class and my teacher also helped me while I was having difficulties. When I look back at my target when I set my self, I believe I have improved a lot. For my medium goal I set my self four targets which were getting distinctions on my course, get a place in university, complete my UCAS form and get a suitable job. Out of the four I was able to reach my two targets they were, completing my UCAS form from the help of my teacher and the student guidance staff and getting a suitable job. I still have not achieved distinctions on my course because I have not finished my course, so I am still trying to do best to...
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