Unit 48 P3

Topics: Goal, Term, Sociology Pages: 1 (321 words) Published: March 21, 2013
P3– Produce an Action plan for self- development and achievement of own personal goals

Short-term goals
Goals| How I will achieve these goals?| How long I think this will take to achieve?| Pass AS Level PE.| Do a large amount of revision and get the course work handed in by the end of term.| 2 weeks (course work)3 months (exam)| Pass AS Level Sociology.| Do revision and learn the key sociologists for each topic.| 3 months (exams)| Pass the 3 units of BTEC Level 3 Health and Social care.| Create a timetable and make deadlines for myself to get my work.| 3-4 months (coursework)| Pass my driving test.| Get my coursework finished and save money to pay for lessons.| 4 months – 1 year (theory and driving test)4 months (provisional license) | Get a part time job.| Apply online for jobs and look at job vacancy boards in shopping precincts.| Waiting for a response.|

Long-term goals
Goals| How I will achieve this?| How long I think this will take to achieve?| Pass AS and A2.| Do a lot of studying and revision for exams.| 1 year and 3 months (exams and course work)| Get into university.| Concentrate on coursework during AS and A2 and apply for a number of universities.| 2 years (depending on my grades at A-Level)| Get a degree in sport science.| Go to lectures and get work done on time.| 3-4 years (to complete Sixth form and go to university)| Get a decent paid job after university.| Graduate from university and apply for jobs such as PE teacher, Handball coach. | 4-5 years (to complete Sixth form, university and 1 year of work experience) | Have a nice house.| Save up a large amount of money and buy or rent a house or flat.| 10 years (to complete Sixth form, university, 1 year of work experience and get a job in teaching/coaching)|
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