Understanding the Communication Process in the Work Place

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Reflective Review M3.30

Understanding the Communication Process in the Work Place

Nikki Carr

ILM Level 3

December 2010

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Communication Needs

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This assignment will demonstrate my understanding of the communication process within my work place, I have identified two specific communication needs that I use on a regular basis, with the focus on written communication via electronic mail (E-mail) system used by the organization and verbal communication in the form of periodic one to one supervisions between my myself and my manager.

Within any organization communication is essential for a successful business to occur. The collaboration and cooperation between the workforce and our organization is key.

The first model of communication was that devised by Shannon (1948) it successfully breaks down the process of communication from the source (sender) to the destination (receiver). However it was Weiner (1948) who added the important part of feedback into the process.

The Communication process.
In this process I am the source and who initiates, creates the message to be conveyed and who is responsible for the intent. The way I format the message i.e. written, spoken or with use of non verbal language is essential for the interpretation by the receiver (Burnett & Dollar, 1989).

Encoding is the translation of an idea I may have and the way its created, meaning converting my information into various forms IE, language, written words, behaviors or gestures that best match my intent.

Transmitting, as the sender I need to choose the correct channel to convey my message. Choosing an appropriate channel will assist in the effectiveness of the receiver's understanding and decoding of my message

Decoding, (conducted by the receiver) means interpreting my meaning to fit their own set of experiences. Poor decoding can begin with myself at the encoding process but can also happen if the receiver does not have enough experience of what I am saying.

The receiver is the individual to whom my message is directed. The receiver needs to store the information and interpret at a later date, dependant on the channel I chose to send my message.

Feedback is an opportunity to ensure that the message I sent is received and understood. If I require feedback immediately then I would chose verbal communication as being most effective.


Email, the advantages and disadvantages.
Primarily the communication process is thought to be verbal and written. Non language based communication i.e. body and facial language is often forgot (Baguley 1994). Such language provides extra cues like tone of voice or facial expressions which lack in written communication, all of which can be lost in e-mail, therefore when sending a message my choice of channel is essential.

E-mail uses the internet as a delivery channel and can now be collected by anyone with access to a computer via virtual mail boxes. Within my role this is essential as I work or visit various sites within the organisation.

E-mails may contain an element of emotion, and the speed at which they can be sent can also later lead to regret. Time constraints on the source can produce short responsive emails that can be misconstrued. During my time with Leicester YMCA I have in the past encountered short e-mails. The first time reading such an email left me feeling quite angered. Previously I would re-read and check what I perhaps initially sent and the context of my message. Having reflected on the communication process and now having an understanding I am aware that there are many factors which may account for my interpretation of the messages. The speed of delivery, efficiency and low cost of this communication system however makes it an effective form of communication between multi sites and multi recipients.

However, disadvantages of email need to be considered, such as when I create a message the use of...
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