Workplace Communication Ilm Level 3

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Assignment. Communication in the Workplace.

Understand the importance of effective communication.

Communication in the workplace is a process used to transfer information or instruction from one individual to a group or another individual. When we need to convey information or instruction to our teams or indeed to senior management communication is essentially a means to an end. To achieve a clear communication path the receiver must understand the instruction or information being given. By providing them with the reasoning behind the information we are trying to get them to engage in a positive way with the message or instruction. If the receiver understands the purpose of the message being communicated they are more likely to buy into it and make a commitment to the purpose behind it. The message passed must be clear to them so they understand what we require from them. We must ensure the communication contains all the information they will require to achieve the desired result. Also the receiver will need the chance to clarify any questions they may have in order to fulfil their requirement. There are five key stages of communication in the workplace to achieve an effective information flow from the message sender to the message receiver. These are as follows in logical sequence. -------------------------------------------------

SENDER ----- ENCODING ----- TRANSMISSION ----- DECODING ----- RECEIVER 1) The sender. Must provide clear, understandable instruction or information on the subject so the receiver has no doubt of what is required of them. 2) Encoding. This usually is in the form of a language (either written or verbal) that the receiver will be able to understand. 3) Transmission. This can be done by various methods. In certain cases it may be more effective to use written communication such as email or fax. At other times verbal transmission may be...
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