Undercover Boss

Topics: Management, Organization, Corporate governance Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: April 17, 2013
The episode of undercover boss is about an airways, who the president and the CEO is Bryan Bedford, to help and find the problem that is ocuring, himself will work undercover like a flight attendant with others employees. One of the things that he perhaps in the front line of the employees is that the communication of the personal was very bad between the management and the employees. To distinguish many problems he work on cleaning the airplane, checking the baggage, cleaning the toilets and also to take teh tickets of the passengers. He claim to the employees why they didn’t did their complete management well to then implore changes. Bedford was very dissapointed cause the management of the aircraft, he tell that they need a type of change and that we will do it. He also said that when you are the boss is so easy because yo always sit down in the office, but that is bad boss, a good boss is the one who is insisiting to the employees to do well their management, to supervise what things are they doing wrong and how they can do it better. Bedfor could not especify what things they were doing wrong with details, but he recognized what abilities and capabilities their employees had. Finally he could solutionated this problema, making the company a to grow and be better doing his work as an undercover boss. The organization structure and communication refers like commanding or have the total power of an irganization, in a formal organization, the authority manage the hole structure of the business, for example, in an school, they divide the organization into many sub board, like the ones who represent the primary school, the secondary school, the coordinators and the representatives. The web network helps a lot in an organizatinal structure, to achieve new purpose more easy. The communication can be more easy, extended and complex, also can be useful to have more ideas and then all the goals can deal and be completed in an easy way. It can be more effective...
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