Phase Two Individual Project

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Phase Two Individual Project
The six key elements of an organization’s structure are as follows: work specialization, departmentalization, chain of command, span of control, centralization and decentralization, and formalization. (Eleventh Edition Management, 2012)

Work specialization, sometimes called a division of labor, refers to the degree to which an organization divides individual tasks into separate jobs. Work specialization, allows the manager to take complex tasks and break them down into smaller, more precise tasks that individual workers can complete. This is what can be applied to my company. I am assigned the role of managing this company. This comes with decisions making, accounting, marketing, and human resources. My tasks include: Finding and building clientele; setting appointments; managing money (bookkeeping); making decisions to benefit the company; when the company grows, possibly hiring more employees; and ordering supplies and maintaining equipment. Organization Structure

Work Specialization in Organizations
From the start, all companies must decide on an organizational structure. The organizational structure refers to the type of framework a company uses to distinguish power and authority, roles and responsibilities, and the manner in which information flows through the organization. Having a suitable organizational structure will allow a company to implement proper operating procedures and will aid the organization in accomplishing its goals. For some organizations, specialization is the answer. If you recall, work specialization, also called a division of labor, allows a manager to take complex tasks and break them down into smaller more precise tasks that individual workers can complete. Each employee is trained explicitly on how to best perform one small, specific task. Over time, that employee becomes extremely proficient and effective at performing that task. This allows every employee in the organization to be an expert to...
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