Organizational Structure

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  • Published : December 16, 2006
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Dan Zuck
Concepts in Organizational Behavior
Unit 4 IP
Organizational Structure


If Mr. Daily from FMC Green River is going to change the structure of the organization, there are several things that I think he will need to consider and want to implement in order to ensure a successful organizational change and foster the kind of culture that will thrive and encourage a family like atmosphere where communication is key to the success of the organization.

Organizational structure is defined as the formal task and reporting relationship between the management team and the workforce. This is designed by the management team and the idea behind it is to motivate the employees to work hard, and to coordinate the work that is to be done (George & Jones, 2005). There are two different types of organizational structures, mechanistic structure and organic structure. A mechanistic structure is centralized, with lots of layers or hierarchy and standardized, it's a very corporate type structure (George & Jones, 2005). An organic structure is very different and can be described more like a family then a corporation, it is flat with very few layers, it's decentralized and decisions are made by a number of employees (George & Jones, 2005).

FMC Green River is a classic example of a mechanistic structure. It has an extensive hierarchy, and poor communication ability amongst employees and management (Clawson, 2005). In order for Daily to implement change within the organization and move to an organic structure he will need to consider a communication plan within the organization and with the union so that all will know and understand and be able to buy into a restructure that could effect the way they perform their jobs. The employees will need to be involved in the decision making process as that is a vital piece to having an organic structure (George & Jones, 2005).

Once the lines of communication are open and employees are...
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