Types of Organizations and Activities Related to the Virtual Economy

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  • Published : October 7, 2010
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Chapter 1 of Electronic Commerce 2008 introduces a number of distinctions between different types of organizations and activities related to the virtual economy—e-commerce versus e-business, for example. How and where are these distinctions useful?

The chapter also describes a number of forces driving e-commerce. How do these different forces relate to each other? According to Prenhall.com E-commerce can be defined as the process of buying, selling, or exchanging products, services, or information via computer networks. E-commerce can also electronically mediated financial transactions between organizations and any third party it transact with. E-commerce is useful by providing transaction among organizations which can be observed from two perspectives. The selling and buy within an organization. Successful virtual ecommerce are Yahoo, Google, and AOL. E-commerce can be defined through learning, service, communications, business process, and commercial. According to McKay and Marshall (2004), e-business is the use of the Internet and other information technologies to support commerce and improve business performance. For example, eBay and Amazon are the two largest Ebusiness. Ecommerce is often confused with Ebusiness.

These distinctions are useful in many ways. For example, ecommerce provides an opportunity for me to return to school and further my education. I am able to study and go to school online. This type of learning is called elearning. Facebook is the social site that allows students, family, and friend to keep in contact allowing users to interact by allowing updates from the user. Today, it is easier to join social communities without leaving the comfort of your home. Consumers save time and money. Consumers do not have to travel to shop which saves the consumer time money, and gas. The consumer can compare prices when shopping online which also saves time and money. Ecommerce is useful and consumers will definitely benefit from...
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