Types of Dogs

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Sasha Everett
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Dog Lovers
To show the different traits/ personalities of dogs.
November 13, 2010

The Beasts, the Yappers, and the Sidekicks
I have had several dogs in my lifetime, each of them having their own personality. I am a dog lover and have always been. I treat my dogs as if they were my child, and I know I am not the only one who does this. Many people are dog lovers and spoil their dogs. Dogs have been known to be man's best friend. They are very loyal and show their masters the most unconditional love and devotion. There are many different breeds of dogs in the world, however, everyone is familiar with these three classifications of dogs – the beasts; the yappers; and the sidekicks. These classes can normally be seen within minutes of being around the dog.

The beast is normally a big dog and is often kept outside. These dogs are great for watch dogs. They love to play and exercise regularly. After running around they get this terrible beast odor which smells like the primate section at a zoo. Then they come and drink every last drop of water they can find and slobber will continually ooze out of their mouth. These dogs eat a lot, even when they are not hungry. They will continually eat as if they are a bottomless pit! It is always easy to tell when a beast is coming. You just listen for the heavy panting, and you will smell them because of the stench they carry.

The yappers are small dogs who normally have a lot of issues. They are the chihuahua, yorkie, fox terrier, etc. These little dogs have a ton of energy and are extremely hyper. They will come to greet you, will jump up and down, bounce off your legs, and yap until they have completely run out of breath and energy. Most people tend to treat this type of dog as an infant. These dogs know that they are tiny and cute and use this to their advantage to get humans to cater to their every whim. These dogs normally get jealous easy and yap a...
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