Types of Descriptive Research

Topics: Cross-sectional study, Longitudinal study, Sociology Pages: 4 (1048 words) Published: March 22, 2012
Maria Teresa P. Dominguez RSH 630 Research Seminar I Prof. Elmer De Jose

Types of Descriptive Research

Generally, descriptive studies are of several types, These are (1) case studies, (2) surveys, (3) developmental studies, (4) follow-up studies, (5) documentary analyses, (6) trend analyses, (7) and correlational studies.

If your study intends to get reliable Information about the similarities of children at various ages, how they differ at age levels, and how they grow and develop, then your design may be a developmental study. Such design will require you to develop a considerable period of time in studying psychological, intellectual, and emotional growth of children. Some examples of developmental studies are those which deal with the physical plant, curriculum, and teaching methods and their effects on the characteristics of learners. Developmental studies may investigate progression along a number of dimensions such as intellectual, physical, emotional, or social development. The participants under study may be a relatively heterogenous or composed of different group or a narrowly defined homogeneous or composed of same group.

1. The Longitudinal Method. In this method, you study the same sample of participants over an extended period of time. For example, If you study the development of mathematical concepts among elementary pupils, the mathematical skills of first graders will be measured annually until they reach grade six. Hence, your assessment will focus on how these skills develop over that period of six years. The initial achievement of the same group remains constant and whatever differences you find between two grade levels can be inferred as changes in mathematical skills related to the growth of the participants.

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