Types and Influence of the Different Parenting Styles During Infancy and Early Childhood

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  • Published : September 30, 2011
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Types and Influence of the Different Parenting Styles
During Infancy and Early Childhood

Infancy and Early childhood is actually one of the most serious and complicated stage of development because in this span of ages, the human being’s world still evolves in its parents’ means of taking care of them. From this scenario parenting is a serious responsibility. And parenting on the other hand differs according to the nature of the child. Parents who practice an authoritarian style of parenting have high control but low responsiveness. They are often very strict and have high expectations for their child's behaviour. These types of parents value obedience and discipline and sometimes use punishment when their children do not do what is expected. They tend to raise children who are obedient and good students. However, the children of authoritarian parents tend to be anxious, unhappy and withdrawn, even at early ages, since they have very little say in what they want to happen in their lives. People who practice permissive or indulgent parenting have low control and high responsiveness. They allow their children to be self-directed and to make many of their own choices at a young age. Permissive parents set very few limits on their children and generally do not give them any household responsibilities. These parents believe that they are encouraging their children to be free thinkers and to make their own decisions. The children of permissive parents are often rebellious, disobedient and easily discouraged and they also show undesirable behaviours, such as temper tantrums and disrespect for authority figures. Authoritative parenting is also known as balanced parenting. These parents practice both high control and high responsiveness. This is a parenting style that attempts to combine the best aspects of both authoritarian and permissive parenting. Authoritarian parents understand that their children need both discipline and choices. For toddlers this may mean...
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