Community and Family - Parenting and Caring

Topics: Parenting styles, Childhood, Parenting Pages: 2 (635 words) Published: July 29, 2011
Community and Family Studies: Context Area – Parenting and Caring. Authoritarian – The authoritarian style characteristics of a demanding and inflexible parent who usually has a preconceived goal to achieve. This parent expects obedience, and children have little input into decisions that many affect them. This form of parenting can result in a child becoming resentful and distant. Children of authoritarian parents tend to do moderately well in school and do not engage in problem behaviours, they are always kept save. In an emergency situation, this is the most desirable style of parenting. If a family’s house was on fire, it would not be appropriate to discuss the situation and vote on the safest exit! But they have lower self-esteem, poorer social skills and more depression. A higher percentage of obese children come from authoritarian families. The fear that an authoritarian parent can arouse may lead to a very poor quality relationship. It may also develop poor decision –making skill for the child due to a lack of opportunity, and may either make poor choices or rely heavily on their parents to support them. Democratic – The democratic parenting style invites all family members to have a say in decisions. In this way, children feel appreciated, especially when their ideas form part of the total solution. They are more likely to build a respectful relationship with their parents as communication is valued and each member is affirmed. They will increase their self-esteem and self-confidence. The children will often seek out the support of their parents when they have an issue to address, because of this mutual respect. The children and parents may increase their trust on one other as they share opinions and values. Being democratic would be hard in time where the parent does not agree with the child and the child has never been told no. This could create conflicts as the child will not know how to deal with this. Permissive/Indulgent – The...
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