Describe the Three Different Parenting Styles and Discuss How They Might Impact on Children’s Behaviour.

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  • Published : January 16, 2013
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Describe the three different parenting styles and discuss how they might impact on children’s behaviour.

According to psychologist Diana Buramind (1997), parents will show at least one of three parenting styles. These are authoritarian, permissive and authoritative. Buramind based the parenting styles on four factors, disciplinary strategies, warmth and nurturance, communication styles and expectations of maturity and control. She identified these as the four dimensions of parenting. Research like this suggests there are convincing links between parenting styles and the impact they have on Children’s behaviour. In this essay I will be further discussing the three parenting styles and their impact on children’s behaviour, as well as other factors that may also have an impact.

The authoritarian parenting style is focused around strict discipline. Parents who use this style will expect their child to follow rules and give the child no opportunity to negotiate. The permissive style is quite the opposite of authoritarian, with parents issuing few commands rules or boundaries. The parent may be more of a friend than a parent and leave their child to regulate their own behaviour. Finally the authoritative parenting style see’s the parent exercising more control over their child’s behaviour whilst also encouraging them to be individuals. The authoritative parent will listen to their child, set clear standards and use non-punitive punishments. This could therefore be seen to be the most balanced of the three parenting styles.

By examining these parenting styles in further detail we can being to explore the impact they could have on children. For example Colloby et al (2012) suggests that the potential impact on a child from authoritarian parenting could see the child become discontented, withdrawn, and mistrustful and as they grow show signs of rebellion. On the other hand, she suggests that permissive parenting could have both a positive and...
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