How Parenting Styles Effect Children

Topics: Parenting styles, Childhood, Short story Pages: 3 (1233 words) Published: May 8, 2013
How Parenting Styles Effect Children

Parenting styles are the typical ways in which parents interact with children and have a major impact on a child's attitude, behavior and achievement. There are three types of parenting: Authoritarian, Authoritative and Uninvolved. Authoritative parents are attentive to their children’s needs and concerns, and will typically forgive and teach instead of punishing if a child falls short. Parents, who use authoritative style when raising their children, have strong and caring limits for them. This style has many benefits for children. In a study done by European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in 2012, they found that “children whose parents had an authoritative style of parenting reported the best behavioral and psychological outcomes. Overall, our data supports a negative association between authoritative parenting style and adolescent mood problems.” When an authoritative parent disciplines their child they do it in a way to where the child can learn and can progress independence. For example, parents would say “Please stop jumping on the bed because you might fall and get hurt.” They discipline but are also willing to hear the children’s opinion and have discussions about it. This style of parenting helps children grow up learning how to negotiate, listen to people, be responsible, independent and effectively share their thoughts about different things. These are great skills to learn because they can and will help you in the long run. It’s common for them to have excellent social skills and respect their peers. They also gain a sense of confidence, are optimistic, patient and have a higher self-esteem because of the nurturing and positive environment they grow up in. People, who are excellent at negotiating, are optimistic, fun to be around and who are confident seem to become more successful in the business world. In the short play “Asteroid Belt” written by Lauren Feldman, you get a sense that the parents raised their...
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