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As a part of a research project in our Business Communication class, we targeted the laptop requirement by students in the College of Business. Reasoning for the policy being implemented, its helpfulness for students and faculty alike, and the policy’s effectiveness was our main focus. This report will show the results of that research. Students, faculty, and the administration in the college of business were our focal point. Surveys were given to students with questions regarding financial hardships caused by laptop requirement and their opinions of the policy among others. Faculty was interviewed on their thoughts and how the policy helped with the classroom. Administration helped with the reasoning behind implementing the policy and some hints to phase outs of the computer labs located in the college of business. We found that students believed that the policy is not effective, but should be enforced. For faculty, some believe that the policy is helpful for learning and welcome laptops in the classroom while others feel that laptops can be a distraction to everyone. The administration implemented the policy because they want students to have the ability to work anywhere at any time with the specialized tools/software needed for courses taken. They also feel laptops are necessary for non-traditional students who may be full time professionals and have the option to complete courses online. Rumors that the laptop requirement was put into place because of possible computer lab phase outs are false, null, and void. To improve the effectiveness of the laptop requirement in the college of business, we recommend the following: * Making sure students/faculty are aware of the laptop requirement * Enforcing consequences for those who don’t have a laptop

Thank you for welcoming our concerns and suggestions through this project. We learned a great deal and hope that you can use some of the things we researched to compliment your policy.
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