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-Yes to yes and no to no- Karunya Stands for
-facilities the academic performance
-academic excellence.
-Unhappy with disciplinary action.
Eg: 2nd year not provided with laptops.
-internations should be given their benefits.
-no medium to share things.
ISAREL (Student)
-shower, food, no washing machine, no hot water, continental recipes, spicy food, difficult to manage. -racism.
-no strong wifi.
DAVID –( IT 2nd year)
-difficult to socialize.
=culture, tradition –break boundaries.
-laptop issue of 2nd years.
-racism by faculty and staff.
-no strong wifi.
EBUKA-(CIVIL 2nd year)
-speaking of laptop before I came to this school I was told that I should drop my laptops; that school were top provide laptops for us. But to my shock we were told that we are not going to get any laptop. NURGUL (KAZAKHISTAN)

I practice in Biotechnology department. I have a good experience in Karunya University. I work with a nice phd student Batbanabam and Angelina. We work with different kind of bacteria. About hostel its ok but food is very spicy. I hope in future it will be ok. FRANCIS

-I will be very grateful if this constant meal or dinner is changed. I am satisfied with other weekly meals except Wednesday dinner. OTUCHi-(IT)
-My coming to India has been a lot of blessing to me more to that is my coming to Karunya. -the fact that laws are made is very good but it becomes bad when it hurts many people and thus need a change. Thomas-(KAZAKHISTAN)

We have a good time in karunya .First time we came here we didn’t eat spicy food. But now everything is ok. I think Indian people are very kind and friendly. Bruno-( Brazil)
I appreciate the efforts in Kitchen. Thanks for all friendly people who crossed my way. Emmanuel-( German)
Food is very good! Could we get a washing machine?(Betheny residence) Support of local committee is great ..Thank you.
We have regular Iaeste meetings with all interns to have some fun together and get...

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