Translation in Movies Names

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Translation In Movies Names

I. Introduction
As we all known, film is an audio-visual art. This glamorous act is a magnificent gem in human history, which creates romantic stories and leads human into a marvelous land we have never come before. Looking back to the development history of film, we cannot deny that film reflects the society reality and the time spirit. As the cultural exchange between China and overseas become booming, film plays an important role as culture envoy. Film was entrusted with the mission to let more people from different cultural backgrounds to enjoy the entertainment and share advanced technology together. This is an unavoidable trend in the world now. The film is an art, unlike other type of work, producing an effect on the human senses through a variety of information media. So the translation of film titles is also different from other kinds of translation. From its type, title translation belongs to special translation studies. English Translation of Movie Titles, Even though only a small number of domestic scholars did this research, title translation is beginning to attract people’s attention. As we know, China has been more open for its movie market and its domestic movie industry is booming, an increasing number of overseas films come into Chinese big screens. Meanwhile, a great number of local movies have found their way to the international market. Films are not only a way of spreading exotic culture to the local audience, but also a significant approach to disseminate national culture for overseas people. Thus, translation in movies names is of great importance when both introducing foreign movies and selling domestic ones. Suitable translation can attract the public to enter into cinemas. Local films can also benefit a lot from good translation as well when being publicized overseas. In recent years, it is indeed an amazing feat to study translation by analyzing the structure of communication, especially suitable for the translation of movie titles because the film itself is a mass media. Communication is the activity of conveying information. In the process of title translation, information conveying is more complicated as translation is a cross-cultural information dissemination. As a necessary part of culture, the movie name is inevitably reflected the characteristics of their respective cultures. Although Chinese and Western cultures are different, we can still find many similarities between the two. Undoubtedly, movie title translation contributes a lot to cultural exchanges. If the title translation concern more about film name itself and cultural implication, it will receive an unexpected effect.

II. The Importance of Movies Names
Translation is the communication of the meaning of a source-language text by means of an equivalent target-language text. It is a process of creation which is based on certain culture implication and scientific knowledge. Therefore, the translation is re-creation. Most movie titles have only a few words, however, it is the crowning touch to the film. This important role put forward higher requirements for the translation of film titles. Film is an audio-visual art. Instead of being displayed in the shelves as books and newspapers, it firstly appeals to the audience by its name. Thus, movies names are the key to affect the box-office receipts. In another words, to a movie, its name is being its slogan and advertisement. Therefore, each word and phrase in the movies names should be carefully weighed against the original language to ensure the fullest accuracy and clarity. According to some reports, some producers in developed countries spare no effort to give perfect names to their movies. A movie may have several provisional names which could be revised more than once before it comes out in theaters. What is more, a movie may get no certain name even its whole photography process has been finished. For some Chinese well-known...
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