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BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production Assignment Sheet
Unit: 26: Film Studies

Teacher: AH

Week beginning: Monday 18th March 2013

Unit context
A theoretical approach to film is a way of recognising that we need to consciously apply specific ways of responding to film texts in order to make our interpretation clear, to ourselves and others. Through following this unit you will develop an understanding of a number of theoretical approaches to film and apply them to specific films.

You will come to understand that films do not exist in a vacuum, nor do they simply appear like flowers in the spring. They are created by a range of factors and influences which include the culture and politics of the country where they are produced, the finance that enables their production, the technology of film production, distribution and exhibition, and the nature and structure of the industry which produces them. Through this assignment you will also explore the often complex relationship between audiences and films and will be able to understand why and how audiences watch and make sense of films in particular ways.

Aim and purpose
This unit aims to develop your understanding of how films are created for specific audiences and how they make meaning for those audiences through an exploration of industry practices and the application of a range of theoretical approaches. The insights which you develop will inform their future production work.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this assignment a student will:
1 Be able to apply different analytical approaches to films 2 Understand the relationship between films and their production contexts 3 Understand the relationship between producers and audiences 4 Understand the relationship between audiences and films

Introducing Film (Roberts Wallis)
Genre and Hollywood (Neale)
Genre (John Flaw)
AS Film Studies (Gaffney)
Introduction to Film Studies (Nelmes)
Film Studies the Basics (Villarejo)
A wide range of international films (including Do the Right Thing, Attack the Block and La Haine)

Task 1: Genre essay (including semiotic analysis)
Individual work (Grading Criteria 1)

In class you will be introduced to the film industry and a variety of analytical models and film theories. Watching extracts and whole films from all over the world covering a diversity of genres will be essential both inside and outside of class for this assignment.

For task 1 choose a genre and two films belonging to that genre. Using detailed references from your chosen films write an essay explaining how film makers continue to surprise and please audiences of particular genres. We will cover a variety of films and genres in class but you are encouraged to pick your own films. Your essay will include a semiotic analysis of a sequence from one of your selected films to show how it is representative of the genre you have selected.

You may find it useful to use headings for your essay, points you need to include as well as details of the semiotic analysis are:

* Introduction: your chosen genre and the two films that will be discussed * The generic conventions of your chosen genre and how have they changed over time * A semiotic analysis of a sequence of one of your films to explain how it is typical of the genre. You will need to cover the points below: * Camera

* Editing
* Sound
* Mise-en-scene
* Graphics and special effects
* Ideology
* Representation
* Codes/conventions
* At least one film theory discussed in class such as structuralism or auteur theory (remember to relate this to your chosen films) * Why do we now have hybrid, cross genre films? Do your chosen films cross genres? * Why do directors use intertexuality and can you give examples from your films? (Are these ways to keep the genre alive, do they...
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