Discuss Ways in Which Media Products Are Produced and Distributed to Audiences, Within a Media Area You Have Studied

Topics: Working Title Films, Eric Fellner, Tim Bevan Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Discuss ways in which media products are produced and distributed to audiences, within a media area you have studied

Many different methods are used to produce and distribute films. I am going to explore Working Title Films who are becoming increasingly popular due to funding from the multi conglomerate, Universal studios. I will use them as an example of how films are produced and distributed in the film industry.

Working title films began as a small company with little money. Created in 1983 by Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner they released ‘my beautiful launderette’. Their first film which they were helped to produce by another company, firstly as a TV movie and then it was decided to have a theatrical release. The film conveyed the cultural divide in the settlement of London, it depicted common issues such as homosexuality and racism. They pitched the idea to channel four and obtained a 500,000 budget. Working Title films are famous for their use of production as they commonly spend a lot less money than other production companies such as ‘Universal’ and ‘Disney’. Working Title recently remade ‘Les Miserables’, as this was already a famous theatre production it had a readymade audience which helped to make the film a huge success. Working Title often use the same actors such as ‘Hugh Grant’, this gains a constant fan base to secure more of an audience.

Small distribution networks often link themselves to large distribution companies to gain monetary success, ‘Working Titles Films’ partnered themselves with ‘Universal’ in the early parts of its creation. This is a way of getting attention from many viewers who were already fans of ‘Universal’ without spending and possibly risking a lot of money when starting off. Films such as ‘Notting Hill’ are much more popular than older films like ‘My beautiful launderette’, this is due to the distribution and marketing of a film and shows how vital it is. ‘Polygram’ were the reason behind ‘Working Title Films’ most...
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