Training Professionals Have a Leading Role in Innovation and Change.

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  • Published : November 26, 2011
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Management is a fundamental and broad area of business reality today. Effective management practices can lead to organizational success. For organizations to best achieve this success, they need to be receptive to innovation and change. With these as objectives in mind, it becomes apparent that training professionals can play a leading role. Change (in a business context) can basically mean the management to ‘plan, initiate, realize, control, and stabilize’ change on both, corporate and personal level (Recklies 2011), while innovation is defined by Sylver (2011) as a mean the introduction of something new that makes something better than it was before. Training professionals are those people who help companies use the most out of their workforce, whether they need to receive training or not (Armson 2008). The purpose of this essay is to successfully explain the leading role that training professionals have in innovation and change.

Nowadays, the role of a training professional is to successfully come up with a program that will improve the performance of a certain work group with the best practices to lead towards innovation and change (Miller 2010). Having the right skills to professionally develop someone is essential of the training professionals. As mentioned by Training and Development (2008), professional development is essentially an organized ‘maintenance, improvement and broadening of knowledge and skills’ as well as the personal development of one’s qualities to the level that is necessary to maintain relevance and effectiveness. Generally, it is fundamental that training professionals help the organization’s workers learn all that they need in order to know how to get their job done (Poell, Van Der Krogt, Vermulst, Harris & Simons, 2011).

Having the right approach is a fundamental step for training professionals to successfully deliver their training and development programs. Firms, nowadays, make considerable effort to efficiently succeed...
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