Training and Development Project / Reserch Report

Performance appraisal , Job analysis , Human resource management

Chapter 1
1.0 Introduction
The chapter describes the research topic, background of the study, research problem, research objectives, research methodology, and importance of the study, limitations and chapter outlines.

1.1 Research topic
Training and development
Training and Development is a vital function of Human Resource Management. Training and Development act as the core factor which deals with maintaining and improving efficiency and effectiveness of the human resources at work in the organization. It is concerned with enhancing individual employee job performances as well as collective / group performances. Thus it will assist ultimately to improve organizational performances. Therefore it is clear that Training and Development plays a crucial role in the organization.

1.2 background of the study
This section will display important of the study and background of the study. Definition:
“Training and Development is a formal process of changing employee behavior and motivation in the way that will enhance employee job performance and then organizational overall performance. “ Thus T&D improves employee’s capabilities in a way that will make him perform well in current job. The skills, abilities and attitudes obtained from T&D make a better demand for the employee in the job market. In organizational environment there are service oriented organizations such as banks, hospitals, educational institutes and production oriented organizations such as garment factories, motor vehicle companies… etc. Usually both kinds of these organizations are using same methods to give sufficient training for their employees. And also most organizations are using common procedures in the training process. This may sometimes become a success while sometimes does not appear as a really efficient way to give a proper training to the employees in the organization. In this research, I have considered about clearly identifying the difference...
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