Training and Development

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Every organization needs to have well trained and experienced people to perform the activities that have to be done. Training is a process of learning a sequence of programmed behaviour. It is application of knowledge. It gives people an awareness of the rules and procedures to guide their behaviour. It attempts to improve their performance on their current job and prepare them for an intended job. Development is a related process. It covers not only those activities which improve job performance, but also which bring about the growth of the personality; help individuals in the progress towards maturity and actualization of their potential capabilities so that they become not only good employees but better men and women. In organizational terms, it is intended to equip person to earn promotions and hold greater responsibility.

Training a person for a bigger and higher job is development. And this may well include not only imparting specific skills and knowledge but also inculcating certain personality and mental attitudes. As the jobs become more complex, the importance of employee development also increases. In a rapidly changing society, employee training and development are not only an activity that is desirable but also an activity that an organization must commit resources to if it is to maintain a viable and knowledgeable work force.

Training has played a very important role in helping the corporation to reach the commanding heights of performance. Any training would be considered to be successful only when the knowledge gained by the participants is transferred to the job performance

Training is the main function of HR. To enhance the Corporation's growth and keep the Corporation ready to anticipate all types of competition and face it too, there is a need that Human Resource should play more active role for overall progress of the Corporation.

The impact of training programme is to mould the employee’s attitude and help them to synergies individual goals with organizational goals. It also helps in reducing dissatisfaction, complaints, absenteeism and labour turnover.


According to Flippo, “Training is the act of increasing knowledge and skills of an employee for doing a particular job" The major outcome of training is learning. A trainee learns new habits, refined skills and useful knowledge during their training programme, which helps them to improve their performance. Training can also be defined as activities designed to change the behaviour.

Another way of defining training would be a planned programme designed to improve performance and bring about measurable changes in knowledge, skills, attitudes and social behaviour of employees.

Training imparts the ability to detect and correct error. Further more it provides skills and abilities that may be called on in the future to satisfy organisation’s human resources needs.

Management development

Management development is an attempt at improving an individual’s managerial effectiveness through a planned and deliberate process of learning. For an individual this means a change through a process of planned learning. This should be the common and significant aim of development from the point of view of the trainer and the trainee in an organisational setting.

“All development is self development. It must be generated within the main himself. Development is highly individual. The development of an individual is due to his day to day experience on a job. Hence, emphasis should be on experiences from day to day work. Any activity designed to improve the performance of existing managers and to provide for a well planned growth of managers to meet future organisational needs is management development.

The change in the individual must take place in those crucial areas which can be considered as output variables:

* Knowledge change;
* Attitude...
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