Traffic Lights Automation

Topics: Traffic light, Road traffic management, Traffic Pages: 2 (674 words) Published: May 3, 2013
)Concept Of Operations
The city X wants to have a traffic system which shall sense the traffic flow, integrate the traffic lights together so they can react to the pattern to improve traffic flow, and provide a way for the traffic light system to be monitored and controlled. which will be connected with each other. The city X currently has 24 standard traffic lights. The locations of the current lights can be seen in Figure 1 in Appendix A. The signals all operate independently and are of the traditional variety that do not have any sensors. Their current programming is to operate purely on timer. They do have built in functionality to be remotely controlled to adjust their timing pattern, but it is unused because there are no connections to them. (Current system and situation) The requirements for the new system are listed in another document(In order to write a brief CONOPS I didn’t repeat). The customer has stated that the functional requirements are more important than the non-functional requirements. This Concept of Operations document will basically describe the new system which will fulfill these requirements. The success of this project is highly dependent on having a solid network connecting traffic lights to a centralized system. Data can be communicated back by a number of methods including twisted pair copper wire, fiber optic cables, wireless communication and leased line circuits. Traffic signal controller system is important part of the solution. This system consists of a central Traffic Signal Controller System (TSCS) and traffic signal controllers (traffic lights already have builtin components to be remotely controlled some sensors and cameras will be added when necessary) which are fundamental parts of traffic management system. TSCS provides remote control of traffic signal controllers from a central location. TSCS will monitor the status of traffic lights, retrieve loop data, synchronize lights clocks so that they can run in a coordinated...
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