Traffic Modeling

Topics: Road, Traffic flow, Elementary algebra Pages: 2 (654 words) Published: December 12, 2011
Traffic Modeling

Traffic modeling in a sense is an overview of general traffic flow calculations. It provides a blueprint and a layout of incoming and outgoing traffic with a formula to calculate the timing of overall cars involved within the traffic flow. With the vast roads and streets managing traffic can be difficult without the proper calculations. Mathematical functions can be ways to express simplicity with the eliminations of difficult equations through the use of practical formulas. Many can be used to resolve the model of how traffic flows, but Learning Team D has used the Gauss-Jordan Elimination technique to simplify and conclude the precise amount of car flow managed per street and per hour. Noticing that Elm Street and Maple Street can only handle 1500 cars per hour, and the other streets with the maximum of 1000 cars per hour handling capabilities, Gauss-Jordan Elimination came into effect. An augmented matrix took form to assist with the elimination and help create numeral systems of linear equations. These linear equations explain how the Gauss-Jordan Elimination technique is performed. With minimal information given from this equation this technique helped shaped an understanding of where numbers can be properly placed. There are seven total variables and six intersections in the equation with each variable representing the number one. Using the Gauss-Jordan Elimination technique, ones and zeros have to be placed in a precise order to result in perfect flow and manage accountability of vehicles coming in and out of the road. Solving the linear equations gave the total number of vehicles within the hour passing through each road which is represented by the variables. The result is as follows with the sum of the combined roads equaling out to the total vehicles per hour: Intersection 1 (f+a=1700), Intersection 2 (g+b=1600), Intersection 3 (c+b=1500), Intersection 4 (c+d=1600), Intersection 5 (d+g=1700), and Intersection 6 (e+f=1800). With...
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