Business Research Methods, Part Ii

Topics: Southern California freeways, Freeway, Traffic Pages: 2 (659 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Business Research Methods, Part II
Misty Pitts
March 12, 2013
J. Abraham Brooks

Design a Flowchart for a Process
* This paper will discuss factors of a flowchart process for commuting to work, St Joseph Hospital. As the commute taken is a distance, 98 miles round trip. There are many freeways that one could take to get to the destination. One could take streets to either freeway; 10, 60, or the 210 which all connect to the 57 freeway which the hospital is located off of. Generally the route taken is either the 10 or the 60 as they have easier access to them via streets or the 15 connector. The flowchart will show the process from the 60 or the 10 freeway. Included in this paper will be the process chosen to improve the commute, a flowchart of the process, factors that affect the process design and the metric to measure the process. Process Chosen to Improve

The process chosen to improve is the time and route of commuting to work. A single-stage process was used. Simple black boxes were used to categorize the activities that involve the commute (Chase, Jacobs, & Aquilano, p. 158,  2006). Normally there is not enough time in the morning to watch the traffic report so heading to the freeway is going by blind faith until the traffic report is announced on the radio. If already on the 10 freeway and an accident has occurred or traffic is heavy then a change in freeways must occur. This then takes more time for the re-route to the alternate freeway. To improve the time and spend less time with re-routing the key it to watch the traffic report prior to leaving and going straight to that freeway. This will improve the process as it stands.

Flowchart of the Process
The flowchart below describes the process that is currently used to commute from home to work. The simple black boxes indicate the freeways, traffic, route or re-routing. Added into this process was checking the traffic as that was not part of the regular routine....
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