Traffic Jam in Jakarta

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  • Published : February 14, 2013
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Spoiling car owner and Traffic Jam, whose fault?
Jakarta is capital town of Indonesia, the central region that well known by traffic jams problem. Traffic jam problem in Jakarta has always been a terrible problem that still difficult to solve. Jakarta is included in "The World's 20 Cities with The Worst Traffic Jams" and Jakarta is on the 14th rank. Every single day, especially around 5.00 am – 2.00 am, simply says that the traffic start from the beginning until the end of the day.

The most significant factor that may causes the traffic jam lay on some factors. The quantity of vehicles is one of the causes of traffic jam. There are too many vehicles, start from public transportation and also private transportation.

The number of vehicles in Jakarta that recorded in 2010 reached 6.7 million units, with a composition of motorcycle reached 4.3 million units and four wheelers reach 2.4 million units. Motorcycle growth rate reached 0.7% - 0.8% per month or 11% per year. Every day Dirlantas Polda Metro Jaya issued an average of 138 new vehicle registrations (Surat Tanda Nomor Kendaraan). This means, there is an additional 138 vehicles per day on the streets of Jakarta. Imagine the distance of one vehicle with another vehicle, it suppose to be each half a meter from front into back, then the required space six meters per unit. Currently, the total length of the road and the total area of Jakarta only 4%, while ideally around 10% - 15%. Since the total length of the road is still far from ideal, then Jakarta is necessary to widen and add new roads. Is the new road can solve the problem?

Based on survey that conducted by the investigators team at some point (place) in Jakarta, more than 90% of Jakarta residents say congestion as the main problem of transportation in Jakarta. Public perception is supported by the statement Forums Urban Transportation Indonesia (DTKJ), which occurs annually in Jakarta decrease vehicle speed by 1 km / h. So, in 2012 estimated the average speed of vehicles will be reduced to 16 km / h from 2008 recorded 20km/jam. Within the last 5 years, especially Jakarta vehicle or transportation problems more complicated when dealing with data that the ratio or the number of private vehicles over public transport was 98% versus 2%, where 98% of the private vehicles and public transport just around 2%. The numbers of private vehicles that almost reach 100% carry around 49.7% people per day, not different from public transport capacity that carry 50.3% people per day. Inequality

effectiveness of this service shows how the general condition of the vehicle is very poor and from year to year the number of public transport even more reduced. In contrast, the increasing of private vehicles grows more rapidly. The data that we get, the growth of motorcycle is so high, the average speed of traffic in Jakarta is only 20 km /hour.

The condition is exacerbated by the presence of passing around 600,000 units of vehicles that carrying about 1.2 million people from Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi into Jakarta. The number of people from outside continues to grow year by year.

The results of our investigation show that almost 90% of road users prefer to use privet or personal vehicle caused by the pleasure of public transport. Deni, 20 years old, worked as an employee in a private company in Jakarta is one of the users of public transport in Jakarta, that is Trans Jakarta. On one occasion we interview him and ask him about his impression of public transport services.

“Actually it’s not bad impression. I think it’s just less of management, especially about woman passengers. Even though they already have one special space but the man passengers often sit in woman area. We know that it’s really dangerous for woman. Because sometimes they can get some crimes,” Deni said while he waiting for Trans Jakarta. Beside the pleasure reason Deni also revealed that one of the most problem that he experienced was late arrival,...
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