Jakarta at Glance

Topics: Jakarta, Indonesia, Southeast Asia Pages: 3 (622 words) Published: March 3, 2013

Jakarta as the metropolitan which occupied more than 9 million people population, which are exhibit incredible in a unique diversity of tribes, language, culture and traditions. As the nation capital, Jakarta is truly a “Melting Pot” of representatives from throughout the archipelago.

Jakarta has extraordinarily developed and would be at the tourism forefront in Asia over the next few decades. Amusement park, skyscrapers forest, high fashion shopping center, finest culinary dining, nightlife and entertainment place, luxurious housing, hotels and apartment, research institutions, well education facilities and cultural organizations certainly made Jakarta as the one of the demanding tourism city. The Capital City is the prominent gateway to the rest of Indonesia. From Jakarta, sophisticated land, air and sea transport is available to the rest of the country.

Jakarta A City With Thousands Of Opportunities

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, an archipelago country consisting of about 13,000 islands and 200 million people. Indonesia ha s a unique diversity of tribes, language, culture, customs and religion. The diversity was mirrored in the capital city of Jakarta. Jakarta whose population has grown approaching to 10 million people is one of the cities in Asia, which is much often talked about with the certain reasons. Jakarta has extraordinarily developed and would be at the forefront in Asia over the next few decades. Jakarta is unique with its status as the capital city of Indonesia and the center of the city administration. Jakarta is also a center of social, cultural and health activities. Jakarta is the prominent gateway of Indonesia. As of its geographical condition, land, air and sea transportations are also available.

Jakarta The City Administration

Based on its territory and number of population, Jakarta stands a province equal to the other provinces in Indonesia. As a province Jakarta is led by a governor who is...
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