the effects of cell phones while driving

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The Effects of Cell Phones While Driving

Psychology 1100
July 12, 2011

In today’s society, motorists are either against or for cell phone use while driving. My goal is to determine whether talking on a hand-held or hands-free device actually affects the reaction times and situation awareness (SA) of the driver. Aspects of situation awareness are crucial to the performance of any dynamic complex task; including operating a motor vehicle as discussed in “Effects of distraction and experience on situation awareness and simulated driving” (Kass, Cole, & Stanny, 2007). Mobile phone use while driving can result in impairment to drivers’ judgments and decision-making skills, which impairs driving performance and increases crash risk as explained in “An examination of the factors that influence driver’s willingness to use hand-held mobile phones” (Razario, Lewis, & White, 2010). The idea of carrying a mobile phone at all times provides a sense of security for many drivers, as it ensures they can stay in contact with others in case of emergencies (Razario et al., 2010). When a parent sees a call from their child there is always the possibility that there is an emergency on the other end. In a case like this it is not always feasible to pull over and put the vehicle in park before answering. In other situations, you may find yourself lost and may need to call someone for assistance. These are both reasons a mobile phone can help a driver feel safer and connected while driving. The idea of a motorist driving while feeling nervous is just as dangerous as someone operating a vehicle while on a hands-free device. In both situations, the driver’s concentration is not on the driving in a safe manner. With all the changes happening to local roads and highways there is a vast amount of construction and traffic jams. Adding the traffic from construction to regular, everyday traffic, caused by commuters and rush hour, many...
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