Jakarta as Capital City Is a Capital Negative

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Maureen Pratiwi Putri Irwinsyah
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Jakarta as Capital City is A Capital Negative

Is this great Jakarta feels like a city that is enjoyable for us, Jakarta people, to be the place to live on? From the opinion of Indonesia’s Trade Ministry website (http://www.tradexpoindonesia.com/jakarta-facts, 2013) Jakarta is the most populous city in Indonesia, in South Asia, and even the thirteenth most populated city in the world. As a city itself, Jakarta grows highly onward beside any other city in Indonesia. It is seen as a city that has the whole package of its development. But it is quite ineffective for us a developing country to have everything happens all in once at one place such as Parliament Structural, Business Meeting Point, Tourism and so on. Despite Jakarta is has already known, as the city that effect Indonesia development the most, Jakarta is not particularly suitably as a Capital City. The fact that Jakarta has been too massively crowded, it is indirectly slow pacing the development of Indonesia itself.

First of all, we have the most significant issue, which is society’s health. Because of the overly populated area, many people from the lower class society could not find or afford a place to live and it is basically no one to blame on. The highly population affects the transportation needed, which leads into traffic jam. There is no denial that overly used transportations polluting the air, water and other natural resources as the emission produces each time they are used. Machinery transportation produce gas contemning city and individualism creates passiveness towards the environment. It is a common thing to have artificial streams full of foul trash.

Secondly, Jakarta is a busy business city. There are so many accredited occupations or trading commerce centered and happening here. People come and continuously immigrate to find opportunity and earnings. As the whole parliaments structure...
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