Traffic Flow and Public Transport in North Cyprus (Lefkosa) Alternative Planning

Topics: Public transport, Bus, Bus stop Pages: 8 (3197 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Traffic flow and public transport in North Cyprus (Lefkosa) alternative Planning Mohammad ALASEER

Nowadays one of the most issue affect our daily life, load on Economic, and the negative effects on Environment is Traffic flow and their way of been plan, they way of our public transport planning, services lines, bus station and the regulation are also effect the life quality in the city. In the last, few decades’ streets in the city have built without any attention to grow population and the increasing number of vehicles. What the main important changes have to be for increasing the traffic flow. Why have to be done. this paper will talk about the ideas can solve problem by change the line of public transporting for more covering area and less traffic, by experimentally study and a interview with the users of the road ( drivers and public users). The new alternative system show how the traffic flow change. Further study has to done for more developing solution. Keyword: traffic flow, public transport. Quality of services, Lefkosa city (North Cyprus) | |

Researches done by marketing show that the quality of the service reflects the public satisfaction (F. Fonseca , S. Pinto , C. Brito, 2010), and its show how it is important to make high quality services to gave the public relax and comfortable ride when they are using the public transporting. Which will increase the number of the users of the public transports and will achieve less traffic since its will encourage people to use public transport. Since the main Factors that Community go away from using public transport are the long length, and the time they lose and the expansive prices for ticket (Pavel STOYANOV, Plamena GAGOVA, 2012). Even that the traffic management become a big problem and a big concern in last few years in developed country such as north Cyprus. Living in the information world with high computer network show that a simulation can be important for analyzing data and developing solution, and it can solve the problem related to traffic control. In addition, it can provide a new intelligent transportation system. (Georgios Papageorgiou, Pantelis Damianou, Andreas Pitsilides, Aphames Thrasos, Petros Ioannou, 2006).

From other studies and researches, the environmental affect that it coming from road construction and road using. In order to decrease the impact we have to understand the reason of why it have this impact, and it start with waste of road construction process, manufacturing of the materials, unprepared or broken road which will increase the fuel use for engine to moving the vehicle more than asphalts road. And all this have negative impact to our environment, which it can be reduce by re-usage and re-construction of materials, also another possible to reduce the impact can be by remanufacturing of excavation materials. (Damijan Koletnik, Rebeka Lukman, Damjan Krajnc, 2012) On the other hand, there is a type of people such as blind people have very difficult for using public transportation. There is few systems can offer the assistance and information for blind persons such as the RAMPE project. This project aim to help blind people by smart hand-held personal digital assistant (PDA), that have the ability to speech and able to connect to wireless Wi-Fi connection on the bus stations. Where this device has functions such as vocal message and information about the system provide from the stations, in the same time it can gave information about the real time. When this device equipped will offer information such as route number and destination, so it can increase their mobility and autonomy in public transport and make them independent, on the other hand, it will warned the driver that a blind person would ride the bus. (G.Baudoina, O.Venarda, G.Uzanb, A.Rousseaub, Y.Benaboua, A.Paumierc, J.Cesbronc, n.d). Since the operation and planning have costs, and because of their immediate impact for public...
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