Public Transportation in Maryland

Topics: Maryland, Prince George's County, Maryland, University Pages: 3 (789 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Ja’Lin Shorter
English 1010T
CSM Transportation
In Charles County, Maryland, there is limited transportation for residents. The transportation that is provided is inefficient and time consuming. Students with physical disabilities, visual impairment, or students who are financially unstable are missing classes or being forced to drop classes as a result. A family friend of mine was shot and blinded in her right eye when she was only 15 years old. In New York City, this woman has her license and is able to drive. However, in the state of Maryland, it is illegal for her to drive. It is extremely expensive for her to transport back and forth to campus, especially while she is still raising a child by herself. College of Southern Maryland should provide transportation because there are visually impaired students, other forms of transportation are time consuming and expensive and last, because these type of systems work and give everyone equal and better opportunities.

First, transportation should be provided for visually impaired students. Nearly 75,000 students in America are visually impaired. Although they are restricted by law on the way they can transport themselves or others from place to place, they must pay their fees and school debts just as everyone else does. These students should be given an equal chance to access their classes just as everyone else is able too.

Next, other forms of transportation are time consuming or extremely expensive. Public Transportation such as Van Go is time consuming. There is only one bus that is responsible for a specific route. Each bus takes about 20 to 25 stops per ride. I for myself live about approximately seventeen minutes from the La Plata campus of CSM. However, on Van Go it would take me about fifty minutes to the campus and over two hours or more to return home. In addition, In...
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