Pttls Unit 1

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PTTLS Assessment 1 Peter Bain


In this assignment we will cover why we need legislation and codes of practice in teaching and learning and explain the four stages of the teaching/ training cycle which are planning, delivering, assessing and evaluation and why record keeping is important in teaching and learning. Teachers and trainers within the education sector have a duty of care, legislation and codes of practice ensure that they are operating within the law. Within the educational setting there are many pieces of legislation that must be adhered to. One of these is the disability and equality act 2010, this piece of legislation ensures that pupils who are disabled or have a mental illness are given the right to attend education and learn and achieve without being discriminated against or excluded. For example if I have a pupil arrive in a wheel chair I will have to make reasonable adjustments for that pupil i.e. move the whole class to the ground floor or see if they could attend an alternative course but in most colleges now a days they will have a lift so I will have to rearrange tables and chairs to accommodate for that pupil. Legislation of the HEALTH AND SAFETY ACT 1974 to ensure that all learners are informed by staff of the procedures and policies to follow in case of emergencies, i.e. fire, knowing where the fire exits are located and assembly points are also located, safe use of equipment and accident prevention by adhering to the rules set in place. It is both the staff and pupils responsibility to ensure a safe environment and to report anything that could cause a hazard, for example if somebody was to sit at a computer and it was not working and try to fix it themselves and start unplugging and fixing they could cause damage to the computer or even electrocuting themselves so it would be my...
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