Pre-Feasibility of Light Rail Transit in Dhaka City

Topics: Road transport, Bus, Public transport Pages: 4 (1240 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Pre-Feasibility of Light Rail Transit in Dhaka City
1Ashish Kumer Saha
ABSTRUCT: Dhaka, the capital, administrative and commercial hub of Bangladesh is subjected to acute traffic congestion, inadequate traffic management, high accident rates and increasing air pollution problems. The deteriorating traffic conditions are affecting the city's efficiency performance and are being considered as a major impediment for her economic growth and development, causing frustration among the residents and prompting popular demands to find urgent solutions. Dhaka Metropolitan Area is expected to become one of the largest cities within the early next century. The existing mass transit cannotfulfill the current traffic loads. The contributionof Bangladesh Railways (BR) to urban public transport is very small. The main inter City line entering the city from the north carries a small share of commuter traffic. The line to Narayanganj recently handed over to private management shows a greater efficiency in carrying huge back andforth commuter traffic. Rehabilitation and improvement of north main BR line and some new routes of rail transit can accommodate the growing trafficdemand in the near future. To cope with the problems of increasing transportation demand, traffic congestion, deteriorating environmental quality, and inadequate traffic safety measures Light Rail Transit (LRT) can be a feasible solution. LRT has been introduced in some developing cities on theground that it can offer a high capacity service with an appealing modernimage, less expensive than full subway system, and environmentally friendly. Keywords: Key words: Light rail transit, traffic pollution, traffic safety, and landusedevelopment. 1. Introduction

Transportation has a pervasive influence on modern society. Transportation routes play an important role in urban development, and efficient transportation system affects where and how urban areas grow. It shapes urban lifestyles. Traditionally it was argued...
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