Tqm Sustainability

Topics: Management, Total quality management, Process management Pages: 4 (1334 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Various approaches to TQM Sustainability
In current extremely competitive market, organization’s forced to adopt and implement a variety of innovation management techniques. One of the main tools that have been used widely is a management philosophy known as Total Quality management (TQM). However, TQM can only be successfully implemented if the organization’s top management are supported a life-long improvement process. The current goal for any organization that implements quality management is to achieve business excellence. Under the current globalization of markets, researcher found that environment is one of the most important components of business. So this leads us that sustainability cannot be separated from TQM process. According to Zairi & Liburd (2001), they define TQM sustainability as “the ability of a firm to embrace to change in their business environment by implementing current best practice methods in order to maintain and achieve superior competitive performance”. Therefore, the evolution of TQM such always develops along with the changes in the business environment or they will defiantly left behind. There are lots of efforts that companies use in order to sustain their TQM such as implementing self-assessment, benchmarking, competiveness, excellence, etc. so this paper attempts to identify two important approaches to TQM Sustainability which are self-assessment and benchmarking. Various approaches to TQM Sustainability

Self-assessment consider as a tool that provides organizations a clear vision and information regarding their current level of excellence. This assessment tool helps top management to make right decisions and also help them to assist the organization by choosing the right strategy to move forward which help the organization to gain a competitive position in the market (Khoo & Tan, 2003).Lots of researched define self-assessment in different ways. For example, Hilllman (1994) defined...
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