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| Sr. No. and Topic | Page No. | |1.What is TQM |2 | |2.Why is it valued in industry |2 | |3.What does it consist of |3 | |4. How is role of HR important in TQM? |3 | |5. Implementation of TQM, role of HR and its |4 | |impact: | | |6. Conclusion |5 |

Role of HR in TQM:

What is TQM:

• TQM which is Total Quality Management is a management approach to achieve long term success through customer satisfaction. In a TQM effort, all members of an organization participate in improving processes, products, services and the culture in which they work.

• Now TQM focuses on quality improvement and ultimately achieve customer satisfaction. This can be done by an organization through its internal customers, i.e. employees who are the real and as important customers for an organization as its external customers.

• Hence, the role of People-based management comes into picture which includes:

o Achieve successful internal working relations

o Providing with speed, accuracy and efficiency in the work being a fundamental requirement of TQM.

The above mentioned two objectives can be achieved through:

o Conducting surveys known as “Energy Meter” which reflects the satisfaction, morale and motivation level of the employees.

o On the external front, surveys are conducted among the customers for identifying their satisfaction, expectation.

In case of falling short, we could find causes for low satisfaction.

1 Team Work:

o If people work as individuals, they are unaware of the work done by people near to them and also of the consequences of poor quality in work they do.

o It brings people together with common goals, breaks communication barriers and acts as a platform for change

2 People make quality:

Most of the quality problems are not within the control of an individual employee. The system often comes in the way of employees.

o Managers are required to ensure that everything necessary is in place.

o It helps in creating an environment where people are ready to take responsibility of quality of their own work.

Why is it valued in the industry?

• TQM, which has been adopted by leading industrial companies, is a participative system empowering all employees to take responsibility for improving quality within the organization. Instead of using traditional bureaucratic rule enforcement, TQM calls for a change in the corporate culture, where the new work climate has the following characteristics:

o An open, problem-solving atmosphere

o Participatory design making

o Trust among all employees (staff, line managers, workers, managers)

o A sense of ownership and responsibility for goal achievement and problems solving

o Self-motivation and self-control by all.

Beyond communicating the TQM philosophy, the specific training and development needs for making TQM a practical reality must be assessed.

What does it consist of?

1. It involves the following methods

• Employee Suggestion Schemes bring about great employee involvement as the suggestions can be work related small improvements which is categorised as JDI (Just Do It). Here the suggestion of the employee is so simple that it is implemented by the employee himself...
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