Toy Critique

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Assignment 1
Play activity

This assignment had been done with a group of 4 children with ages between 3 and 4½.


In order to do the play activity I had to observe the children for two days. I wanted to know what are they more interested in and what they would like more. After the observation stage, I wanted to make sure that the play activity I had in mind, suited their age and stage of development. I also made sure that the activity is safe and that it included the PILES development and that it s based on future learning.

I made a sketch plan for myself without telling the children about it and I see what I need for all that. I consulted with the manager to see if the materials I needed could be provided by her.

I explain to my manager that I would like to make an activity based on the children’s imagination. I had been observing that the group was interested in cars and animals, so that made me think of building one car close the real size, with the help of the children. They would then have to make an imaginary trip to the zoo, inside the car.

I needed a large carton box, sellotape, paint and scissors.

The manager agreed with the plan, but she suggests that on our way to the zoo, we should make some stops in different places like shops or public parking areas. I checked to see if I had enough time to accomplish the activity, including the preparation and tidying up at the end.

I talked with the children about what we were going to do the next week, and they seemed to like the idea very much.

I put the plan together over the weekend and ensured that I have the proper and safe materials by the beginning of the next week. I then realised that I would need more than one day for the play activity. I decided to split the play activity into 4 daily sessions, of 25 minutes each.


Day 1: Monday

We started by moving some chairs and a table closer to a wall in the room, so we would have enough space for the activity. I put a carton box on the floor. The children asked: Ch: “What are we going to do with this box, teacher?”

Me: “We are going to build a big car and all of you would have to paint it.”

After I drew the car, trimmed its shape on the carton board, I gave the children different colours of paint so they would paint the car.

Me: “Now I want you to close your eyes and to imagine this car in whatever colour you would like it to be.” I didn’t have time to finish my sentence because they all started to tell me at the same time what was their favourite colour for the car.

Me: “Stop, stop, stop. No, not all together. C1, tell us what colour would you like the car to be?” C1: “I want my car to be pink.”
Me: “Very good! You can paint the front of the car. C2, what colour does your car have?” C2: “Orange, it’s my favourite colour.”
Me: “OK C2, you will do this side of the car” and I showed him the right side of the car. “Now, C3, tell me!” C3: “I like my car to be blue.”
Me: “Perfect. You have the back of the car. C4?”
C4: “I want my car red. It’s my favourite colour.”
Me: “Very good, C4, you will paint this side of the car” and I showed him the left side of the car. “Excellent, but there is missing something. Who can tell me what is missing?” Ch: “The wheels!”
Me: “What colour are they?”
Ch: “Black.”
Me: “Very good! Each of you will have to paint one wheel.”

I put their aprons to each of them and they each took a paintbrush. They started painting and to talk about the car. The children gave the car a name: “Tina”. After they finished painting the car the children asked e what to do next. I told them that we were going to wait until the next day.

Day 2: Tuesday

First thing in the morning, after arriving at the crèche, the children asked me what we were going to do with the car that day. C1: “Are we going to play with the car, today?”
Me: “Yes, we will play with the car, but not like yesterday.” I then told them to...
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