The Effectiveness of the Young Shakespeare Award in Jamaaluddin School in Terms of Teaching and Learning Vocabulary

Topics: Education, High school, Qualitative research Pages: 16 (5093 words) Published: July 7, 2011
The Effectiveness of the Young Shakespeare Award in Jamaaluddin School in Terms of Teaching and Learning Vocabulary ____________________________________________________________

A Research Project

Research Report

Ahmed Saeid

Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for Qualitative Research Methodology (HMEF5103) Master of Education at Villa College

To My Beloved Teachers

Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction4
1.1 Introduction4
1.2 Literature Review4
1.3 Research Problem6
1.4 Research Objectives6
1.5 Research Questions6
1.6 The significance of the study6
2.0 Methodology7
2.1 Setting7
2.2 Research Participants7
2.3 Data Collection7
2.4 Field Experiences8
2.5 Forms of Data11
2.6 Data Analysis12
2.7 Reliability and Validity achieved13
2.8 Changes to Research Questions13
3. 0 Findings14
3.1 About the Award14
3.2 What are the objectives of the Award?14
3.3 How is it conduced?14
3.4 Does it have long term benefits for the students?16
3.5 Would this help to bridge the gap between year seven and year eight when the students start their secondary schooling?17 3.6 Recommendations17
4.0 Conclusion20
4.1 Conclusion20
4.2 Suggestions20
Appendix A (Permission Granted Letter)23
Appendix B (Sample Consent Form used)25
Appendix C (Interview Schedules)28
Appendix D (Documents)34

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Introduction
Teaching vocabulary has been a challenging area recently and linguists and language teachers tend to take their sides from explicit – intentional, planned instruction to implicit – spontaneous instruction as a child comes to new words in a text. ‘Without grammar very little can be conveyed, without vocabulary nothing can be conveyed’ (Wilkins, n.d. cited in Thornbury, 2002). In conveying a message, anyone can say little with grammar, but, can say almost anything in words – vocabulary. Therefore, vocabulary is an essential tool in acquisition of either first or second language, and The Young Shakespeare Award conduct in Jamaluddin School is an award aiming to enrich the vocabulary of the students. Hence, it is very important to gauge the effectiveness of the award. It is believed that the award is effective if it has a long term effect and this research enable to assess the long term benefits of the award to the students. Moreover, this case study also proves whether the award helps bridging the gap between the year seven and year eight – one of the challenges in the education system in the Maldives today.

1.2 Literature Review
A rich vocabulary unlocks a wealth of knowledge and opens up worlds to its owner. According to Donohue (2000), a large portion of vocabulary is learned in context, but research concludes that if active instruction is not undertaken, students will be robbed. He also believes that both comprehension and fluency are affected by vocabulary knowledge.

Vocabulary knowledge involves more than just knowing the word and its meaning in isolation (Murica, 2001). It also involves knowing the words that tend to co-occur with it in patterns or collocations – consist of pairs or groups of words that co-occur with high frequency and are important in vocabulary learning. Nattinger (1988) cited in Murica (2001) suggests that the meaning of a word has a great deal to do with the words with which it commonly associates. The associations help the learner to transfer the words working memory to long term memory.

According to Donohue (2000), traditionally vocabulary instruction was a separate subject where students looked up definitions and constructed sentences, which is exactly the same procedure practice in Shakespeare Award. But research has shown that vocabulary development is a gradual process that takes place over time in a broader learning context (Flood et. al., 1991, cited in Donohue, 2000). Teaching vocabulary is essential because students with...
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