Nvq Childcare Diploma Cu1535

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Cu1535- Promote children’s welfare and well-being in the early years.

1.1- Welfare requirements - Within your setting you should safeguard and promote Children’s welfare, we must take necessary steps to ensure this. We must promote good health of all children within our care and take steps to prevent the spread of infection from others within our care and take appropriate action when they are ill. We must ensure that there are suitable people and staffing levels are appropriate to ensure safety to all children. The premises, environment and equipment must be suitable to cater for the children, these include outdoor and indoor spaces, furniture, equipment and toys and they must be safe and suitable for the children in your care, age/stage appropriate.

Your safeguarding/admissions/settling in policies should be kept up to date. It is important for all staff to read all policies and procedures. As a practitioner you should be aware of nutrition needs and plan healthy meals/snacks for children and on some occasions give advice to parents. You should be aware of portion sizes, this is important because children can still become overweight on healthy foods if they are given too much. Every setting should have routines they should reflect the varying needs of all children within your group especially in terms of sleep and rest. All routines should allow time for outdoor play for all ages. Routines also need to be flexible enough to allow the children to finish their task. Under the EYFS we as practitioners observe children during physical play this is to note the skills that they are showing and what could be emerging, this gives us important information on how we can support the child such as providing new activities, toys or simply encourage the child.

Within the EYFS it is important to work closely with parents, we can find out their child’s needs, you can also provide support and advice on topics, sleep, toilet training and nutrition.
EYFS Statutory requirements, Safeguarding and promoting children’s welfare. Principles in to practice card 1.4 Health and Well-being.

1.2- To report something in my setting it is our responsibility to go straight to our manager of the nursery and report it to her. If our manager isn’t in we would go to our deputy manager. If you any very unusual case that both of these people weren’t in we would go to the welfare officer who also helps with the running of the nursery.

2.2i) When receiving a child into the setting you must make sure you have undergone risk assessments on the building, toys, equipment etc. You must speak to parents to get parental guidance so you are aware of risks with the child e.g. allergies. Make sure you have all parent and carers emergency contact numbers. Parents must fill in the forms attaching pictures of the main carers so staff is aware. They must also fill in emergency medicine application forms in case the child falls in in the day. ii) Again risk assessments need to be done if the child is attending an outing with the nursery to somewhere e.g. the park. You must be told if someone different is picking the child up and if you don’t get told from their main carer you cannot let the child go. If the main carer wants someone else to pick the child up then they must sign a form to say whose picking the child up, the password the number and the name.

iii) Main thing when visiting offsite places is risk assessments. You must also make sure you have parent consent of the main carer. Make sure you take each child’s emergency contact numbers and also one member of staff to carry along their mobile phones in case of emergencies. You must take weather related items for all children and the first aid box. The staff ratio must be right according to how many children and their ages.

2.4i 2.5msquared
ii- Ratios-
1 adult to 3 children for under 2 year olds
1 adult to 4 children aged 2-3 years
1 adult for 8 children...
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