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Topics: A Great Way to Care, Gesture, Learning Pages: 2 (654 words) Published: May 7, 2011
First day back at placement after Easter Holiday, I greeted children in to class as their parents dropped them in to class in the morning. Straight away children where learning through play. My morning duty was to supervise children and play with them. There was Lego, foam on a table, a table with sand and toys set out for the children. Girl A speaks Bengali at the moment learning to speak English. But she said whistle in Bengali as she was pouring sand through a windmill toy. Girl B described the foam as “sticky” as she was touching the foam. Girl A said “let’s play with water!”, again she said that in Bengali. So I helped her and translated in Bengali for her to repeat after me and say, “Let’s...play...with...water!” She attempted and said, “play...with...water!” I then praised her and said, “Well done!” While Girl A, B, C & D where playing with fishes in the water bath they were seeing who catches how many fishes. So I instructed them to take turns and count how many they caught in their nets. After play I assisted Girl B to wash her hands making sure the water was not to hot and that she rinsed all the foam off her hands. Then I instructed her to dry her hands with the towel. At morning play, I was with a group of children. I pointed out to them as we were admiring the sun that the clouds where moving. So I instructed them to steady their eyes on the clouds and watch how slowly the clouds move. After break was numeracy time. The children where divided in three groups in different areas f the class room. One of the teachers had to go to the loo so she left me with her group and instructed me to sing “five little ducks” with them which they enjoyed as I exaggerated my hand gestures. After the teacher came back she did a sharing and counting activity using bears/animals & a container. Boy A understands more about equableness than the other children in his group. After group activity children had phonics time with the whole class just before lunch. They...
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