Tourism Industry

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Tourism Policy, 2052


Tourism has been competitively and rapidly developing in the world, and due to specific natural and cultural heritages there is a great possibility of tourism industry in Nepal. Hence, in order to increase national production and income, to expand the earning of foreign currencies to create opportunities for employment, to improve regional imbalance and to develop the image of Nepal in international community having developed and expanded tourism industry, this TOURISM POLICY has been hereby framed.

1. Objectives :

1.1 To develop the tourism industry as a main economic sector of the nation by establishing its inter relation with other sectors of the country.

1.2 To increase employment, foreign currency earnings and national income and to improve regional imbalance having expanded the tourism industry up to the rural areas.

1.3 To develop and expand tourism industry by promoting natural, cultural and human environments of the country.

1.4 To maintain high image of the nation in international community by providing standard services and necessary security to the tourists.

1.5 To develop and promote Nepal as an attractive tourist center.

2. Policy :

a. Private sector participation shall be highly encouraged in the development and expansion of the tourist activities and Government's involvement in this field shall mainly be focused to the development of the tourism infrastructures and in addition to that Government shall also play a role of co-coordinator as well as a catalyst.

b. For the sake of sustainable development of the tourism industry, environmental protection programs shall be carried out in an effective and integrated manner.

c. Priority shall be given to new tourist spots particularly rural tourist spots having strengthened existing tourism infrastructures and facilities.

d. Religious tourism shall be developed by promoting and protecting famous religious pilgrimage places.

e. Nepal shall, gradually be developed as an attractive center for adventurous tourism.

f. The services and facilities to be provided by the tourism entrepreneurs to the tourists shall be standardized and special provision shall be made for the security of tourists.

g. While developing tourism sector, high attention shall be paid to improve regional imbalances.

h. Nepal shall be developed as a principal tourism destination spot by promoting completive tourism in the markets where international tourism is originated.

i. Emphasis shall be given for development of agro based and cottage industries also by integrating them with the tourism industry.

j. Indigenous investment shall be encouraged in the service oriented agency business where national investors have already been competent, and attraction of foreign investments or participation shall be made in the tourism industries like hotels, resorts where foreign skill and technology is transferable and where large scale investment is required.

k. National Civil Aviation Policy shall be executed as an integral part of the Tourism Policy by coordinating them.

3. Working Policy

a. Expansion of investment in the tourism sector shall, gradually be made and mobilization of investments shall be made in construction and development of infrastructures of new tourism spots.

b. Private sector shall be encouraged to provide sightseeing of the places of the religious and cultural importance of the country, high Himalayan peaks and enchanting natural beauties to the tourists having utilized existing physical infrastructures in a systematic and effective manner.

c. Private Sector shall be encouraged to operate various recreational and adventurous tourism activities based on water, land and air, in the various parts of the Kingdom without prejudice to the original culture and traditions of the country.

d. Facilities and incentives shall be expanded to the trusts, temples, monasteries etc. of religious and...
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